Supporting transition to university mathematics with blended learning

Supporting transition to university mathematics with blended learning.

School: Mathematics

Team Members: Richard Gratwick, George Kinnear, Toby Bailey, Ruth Forrester, Grace Sansom, Anna Wood


The project will use a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate the impact of a new online course in introductory university mathematics. The course, “Fundamentals of Algebra and Calculus'' (FAC), was introduced in September 2018 to provide better support for incoming students with a range of mathematical backgrounds. In 2018/19, the course was taken for credit by 111 students, of whom 30 (27%) were from WP backgrounds. Early results suggest the course has had a positive impact on student performance. This project will extend the evaluation of the course with further quantitative investigation of student outcomes and attitudes -- importantly, it will also allow us to add a rigorous qualitative dimension.          

Final project report

Download final project report (PDF)