Mandan Kazzazi

Mandan was a finalist in the 2015 competition

Contestant details

Name: Mandan Kazzazi

Position: 2015 Finalist

PhD Topic: 'Dental metric standards for sex estimation in archaeological populations from Iran

3MT Talk Title: Tooth + Sex = Identity

Do you have any top tips for preparing for the competition?

As Einstein says: "You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother".

How has 3MT benefited you?

It gave me a better understanding of my own research.

What was the most challenging thing about 3MT?

To simplify complex ideas and terms

How have you used the skills gained in the competition?

I now have more self confidence to present in conferences that I attend.

Why would you recommend 3MT to other doctoral students?

It will help them to find the gaps in their research and therefore will prepare them for the viva.

Watch Mandan's talk

Watch Mandan's 3 Minute Thesis talk on YouTube