Resources for staff who support Postgraduate Researchers

Downloadable resources designed to help staff facilitate activities and training for Postgraduate Researchers

Prepare for Doctoral Success: Facilitator Guide

This is a guide for running a series of activities designed as a staggered induction process for new Postgraduate Researchers. It sets out aims, suggested outlines and ideas for activities for 90 minute long sessions.  These are themed as:

  1. Getting to know you
  2. Starting Out
  3. The First Year
  4. Working with your Supervisor.

These activities form a four-week induction programme but the activities can also be used flexibly, either as stand-alone workshops or combined with other activities. The guide is for anyone interested in providing induction activities for PGR students.

Any questions about the guide or how it can be used can be directed to  or

Click on the link to download the guide:

Prepare for Doctoral Success: Facilitator Guide