What is a Cohort Lead?

Defining the Cohort Lead role at the University of Edinburgh, plus links to relevant support.

What is a Cohort Lead?

Cohort Leads are leadership roles within the School/Deanery with responsibility for facilitating student relationships within the academic environment.

They are a key part of the Student Support ecosystem and take the lead on the following areas:

  • Welcome, induction and transition
  • Community building
  • Academic support

These leadership roles provide the connection between students and their programme through the provision of group-based welcome and transition activities. The coordination of programme based community building activities is a key part of facilitating a student’s sense of belonging to their programme, School/Deanery and the wider University.

This post works closely with professional services colleagues as the lead academic for each individual student within the student support ecosystem.

Networks, events, courses and resources

Here is a range of networks, events, courses and resources to help you get going in these roles:

Support for the Cohort Lead

Getting students talking in groups - advice

Topics for the first meeting with students in your cohorts - ideas you can use

Edinburgh Network: Growing Approaches to Genuine Engagement (ENGAGE)

Developing your career through accredited continuing professional development for learning and teaching

Support for your students

IAD study skills support for undergraduate students

IAD study skills support for postgraduate taught students