LLC Knowledge exchange

LLC Knowledge exchange.

School:  Literatures, Languages and Cultures

Team Members: Sarah Dunnigan, Anna McKay, Sarah Stewart


This project aims to employ one graduate student to gather and record information concerning the running of past and present postgraduate-led initiatives within the School of Literatures, Languages & Cultures.  The school is home to a vibrant and diverse postgraduate community, in which students work hard to develop and lead a wide range of academic and social projects and events, including reading groups, conferences, workshops, and tutorials.  In order to ensure that the students undertaking these projects benefit from the experiences of their predecessors and peers in the school, and are not left to take over these initiatives from scratch as it were, the LLC Knowledge Exchange Wiki would seek to gather and record information and feedback from organisers on a forum accessible to all. 

Key to the project is the belief that this information should be available to all students, current and prospective, who wish to partake in the school’s community, as part-time students and those with personal non-academic commitments often feel unable to access such advice.  Furthermore, the project seeks to explore the significance of these postgraduate initiatives in influencing students’ choice to study in the school.

Final project report

Download the final project report (PDF)