Mentoring resources for researchers and the University's mentoring programme Mentoring Connections.

Mentoring Resources

The IAD has worked with Dr Steve Hutchison (co-author of Coaching and Mentoring for Academic Development) to create a suite of mentoring resources for research staff.  The aim of these resources is to support individuals to consider mentoring as a career development opportunity, from both the mentor and mentee perspective.

They explore what mentoring is and what it is not, the role of the mentee in finding and building mentoring relationships and the skills required in the role of the mentor.  They also include resources for further reading and support.

What support is available?

An introduction and four standalone resources have been created; however, these are also complementary to each other.  There are resources specifically for mentees and others for mentors, but we recommend looking at all the resources, regardless of the intended role, to become familiar with both roles in a mentoring partnership.  The resources are short in length and can be downloaded.


Mentoring - Introduction: An overview of the structure and content of the mentoring resources (3 pages)

Mentoring - Introduction (PDF)


1. Mentoring - What it is, and what it is not: The first resource provides information on what mentoring is and what it involves for both parties (6 pages)

Guide 1: Mentoring - What it is, and what it is not (PDF)


2. Mentoring - Being a Mentee: The second resource focusses on finding a Mentor and how to get the best out of a mentoring partnership (9 pages)

Guide 2: Mentoring - Being a Mentee (PDF)  


3. Mentoring - Being a Mentor: The third resource supports anyone interested in being a Mentor (16 pages)

Guide 3: Mentoring - Being a Mentor (PDF)


4. Mentoring - Further thinking and reading: The fourth resource provides links to further support to develop thinking on mentoring (2 pages)

Guide 4: Mentoring - Further Thinking and Reading (PDF)


We would value your feedback on these resources, whether you have found them useful and if they have supported a mentoring partnership.  If you have any comments, please email:

Mentoring Connections

Mentoring Connections, the University's mentoring programme, provides all staff with time and space to meet with a mentor/mentee to talk through a variety of issues that affect them at various stages of their career and development, for example work life balance, career development, or promotion paths.   

Mentoring partnerships are made through the online resources, Platform One.

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