How do students and staff view assessment: 'Of', 'In' or 'As' learning?

How do students and staff view assessment

Team Members :  Gale Macleod, Hugh Richards, Neil Lent, Pete Higgins, Rachel O'Neill, Alan MacPherson, John Telford​


Aims: This project will investigate the experiences of taught postgraduate students and staff of different forms of assessment and feedback. A team of six postgraduate students from the Moray House School of Education will have a leading role in all stages of the project, with support from academic staff and IAD. Whilst assessment can often be narrowly understood as ‘of’ learning, a more nuanced view is that which sees assessment as an integral part of learning and not simply a bolt-on measure of how well learning has been achieved. On this understanding assessment is a shared process between students and staff through which students become aware of their own learning needs and are supported to become independent and self-regulating learners.

Methodology: This project will take the opportunity afforded by the range of assessment and feedback approaches currently in use the Moray House School of Education to explore how students and staff view the connections between assessment and learning, and which, if any, approaches are more associated with the understanding of assessment as an embedded part of the learning process.

Final Project Report

Final project report may be downloaded here.