Alex Peden

Alex Peden, Head of Research Cultures

Alex Peden

Head of Research Cultures

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Role in IAD

My role is Head of Research Cultures, although I’m based in IAD I work across the University supporting, develop and connecting activity to improve our research cultures Research cultures are built and maintained by the actions, interactions, behaviours and processes that we all encounter and perform while undertaking or supporting research.  These cultures are felt and influenced by us at individual, team, department, university and wider discipline level.  I’m responsible for monitoring and contributing to progress on our Research Cultures Action Plan and I support the Co-Chairs of the Research Cultures Forum.  I work with people in similar roles in other Universities across the UK and internationally, as well as policy makers and research funders to share good practice and improve research cultures across the whole research ecosystem.

Research Cultures

Professional Interests

I have worked for research funders, in a smaller University, in central professional services units and in Schools.  I’ve worked on research funding proposals, research funding policy, REF submissions, University wide and School level research support, governance and promotion processes.  I’m particularly interested in how the many facets of research policy, personal values, organisational processes and disciplinary norms all interact to create, maintain and change our working environment.


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