Exam Bootcamp

Information on the Learn Essentials course to support students doing exams.

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Resources for support with exams

All University of Edinburgh students are automatically enrolled on Exam Bootcamp and it can be found in your Learn Essentials (left hand menu).

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Exam Bootcamp has everything you need to prepare and plan your revision, revise effectively and develop successful exam strategies. The evidence-based strategies and techniques are active (compared with passive learning), promoting engagement and understanding rather than just memorising.

There are four sections which you can work through, or dip in and out of as required:

  1. Principles of effective studying and learning: being active in your learning.
  2. Getting set for revision: plan and prioritise your time and topics.
  3. Revising effectively: what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Developing effective exam strategies: plan your approach for different types of exams, including open book/at home exams.