Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Projects from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine organised by School of the lead applicant.

Edinburgh Medical School

Formative assessment: how useful is it, who does it help the most, and how can we improve it further?

Supporting Transition to the Workplace through Entrustable Profession Activities: Student and Tutor Perspectives

Comparing the First Year Student Transition Experience in the Biomedical Sciences Programme at the University of Edinburgh and Zhejiang University

Are teaching resources and lecture recordings equally useful to domestic and international students?

Preparing graduates to manage acutely unwell patients - exploring the role of stress and strategies to mitigate its effects

How can supplementary audio recordings (podcasts) enhance the online distance learning experience

Exploring divergence and congruence between learning and assessment practices in University and professional workplaces

Do you really belong? Understanding the BAME attainment gap at Edinburgh University

Creation and evaluation of immersive simulation digital media.

Student-led neuroscience outreach project aimed at a diverse range of high school pupils.

Predicting academic attainment in case-based discussion board assessments

Through the patient's eyes: using virtual reality to teach empathy to medical and nursing students

Empathy and compassion in work and life

Can a pandemic evidence-synthesis group become a model for student development and enhanced learning?

Beginning university during SARS-CoV-2 restrictions: How can the University of Edinburgh meet the needs of students belonging to a Widening Participation group?

Assessing medical students’ preparedness to engage in clinical research practice.

How is statistical study design and statistical analysis taught in the life sciences? A survey of undergraduate programmes across the UK 

A gamification approach to enhancing student empathy towards laboratory animals

Centre for Medical Education

Deanery of Biomedical Sciences

Deanery of Clinical Sciences

Deanery of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences

Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Personalising Feedback: The Audio Way

Virtual slaughterhouse simulator

Lecturer in your lounge: providing digital feedback to distance education students using screencasting.

Extending an audio-feedback tool into new contexts: student and staff experiences

Development and evaluation of Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) in the veterinary curriculum: platform for a new undergraduate Certificate in Veterinary Medical Education

Where art meets science: development and evaluation of innovative 3-D models for undergraduate education

Co-development of a flipped classroom strategy

Approaches to teaching human empathy

Using gesture recognition system for hand hygiene training

Development and evaluation of a contextualised intervention to embed resilience training into the core veterinary curriculum

QualRec: Qualitative exploration of staff and student engagement, experience and behaviour with Lecture Recording

Developing research methods, data analysis and statistics course (RMDAS): engaging students in curriculum development

Climbing an ALP (Assessment Literacy Pyramid): A Programme Level Approach to Developing Assessment Literacy

Vets at "Play"

Developing business together: student perspectives on a key employability mismatch in veterinary education

Establishing the Dick Vet Immersive Simulation Environment (DiVISE)

Using 3D-printing technology to create novel simulator models for the performance of cerebrospinal fluid sampling

The creation and use of low-fidelity models in the development of key surgical skill competence and confidence in final year veterinary students