Integrated assessment and feedback practices

Evaluating the long-lasting benefits of integrated assessment and feedback practices on academic skills and performance of undergraduate SBMS students

Team members: Celine Caquineau, Allison Wroe, Ruth Deighton, Kirsty Ireland


The School of Biomedical Sciences (SBMS) is undergoing a curriculum redesign aimed to address the issue of poor feedback score in the National Students Survey. SBMS aims to enhance the students’ learning experience by restoring the balance between summative and formative assessment.

Using the newly implemented Year 2 undergraduate course, Biomedical Sciences 2 as paradigm, the proposed study aims to investigate the impacts of new integrated assessment and feedback practices on the development of academic skills core to scientific practice. The proposed longitudinal study will look at two students’ cohorts over two academic years. It will examine 1) the students’ academic performance in tasks that require students to use their scientific writing and critical thinking skills effectively; 2) the students’ perceptions of their own scientific writing skills; and 3) the teaching staff’s perceptions of the students’ scientific writing skills. We anticipate that findings from this in-depth study will demonstrate the long term benefits of effective integrated assessment and feedback practices on the students’ learning experience and on their skills development and will illustrate the importance of considering assessment practices from a global programme view rather than from a course view only.

Final Report

The Final Report for this project may be downloaded from the link below.

Final Project Report

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