Art Beat: Art and anatomy Edinburgh

Art Beat: Art and anatomy Edinburgh

Team Members: Victoria McCulloch, Nichola Robertson, Gordon Findlater and Kimmie Dunlop


“Art and Anatomy Edinburgh” has several core aims:

  • To establish sustainable, innovative anatomy teaching for medical students, which supplements their current curriculum and uses art.
  • To bridge the gap in anatomy teaching between pre-clinical and clinical years by making anatomy teaching more clinically relevant
  • To inspire students and encourage them to consider careers in surgery
  • To make the anatomy of surgery more accessible to the public through art
  • To encourage student ownership/autonomy through management of public engagement events

Our objectives are:

  • To run regular sessions teaching students anatomy using art
  • To keep the courses free
  • To teach anatomy using surgical principles
  • To monitor the feedback of students, use this to improve our teaching techniques and contribute to the body of research into the effectiveness of different approaches to teaching anatomy
  • To use exhibitions of artworks produced by students as public engagement events
  • To further public engagement with children through local libraries (“Art and Anatomy Kids”)
  • For medical students to learn management and organizational skills through staging public engagement events.
  • To expand our course to different centres throughout the UK.

Other project outcomes

Anderson M, Robertson N, Harrison EM, Wigmore SJ (2015)  Inspiring Future Surgeons - The Art of Anatomy  British Journal of Surgery 102 (S7) pg 11

Project report

Download project report (PDF)