PebblePad e-portfolios

PebblePad is an online personal learning space.

PebblePad includes a variety of tools for you to use to look back over things you have done, or to look forward to things you wish to do in the future.

Why should I use PebblePad?

Capturing your thoughts and experiences is important, it is so easy to forget the detail of what or why you did something, or what it felt like at the time.

Maintaining a personal portfolio during your studies can help you reflect on the full range of skills you have developed, and may be helpful to you when collating examples for a CV (resume) and job applications, after you graduate.

What can I do with PebblePad?

Examples of some things you can do with PebblePad:

  • keep a chronological learning log
  • record the time spent on different activities
  • complete self assessment tasks to monitor your progress
  • showcase your thinking in a webfolio
  • reflect on something you have done
  • plan how to go about doing something new
  • invite others to view or comment on your work
  • set yourself a reminder to reflect on something
  • store evidence demonstrating your skills and abilities

How do I access it?

PebblePad is provided to all students via the Studies tab in MyEd.