Parallel sessions: session four

Slides from Session Four. 15:25 - 15:55.

Slides from Session 4

4A - Jeremy Knox

Teaching Research Methods at Scale: connecting accredited University provision and open MOOC learning (PDF)

4B - Jon Turner

Showcasing good practice across the University - Teaching Matters (PDF)

4C - Three Sequential Presentations

Nichola Kett et al: What Works? Sharing Insights from School Annual Quality Reports (PDF)

Alison Thomas: What can the questions that graduate students bring to ELE's Writing Centre tell us about student learning across the disciplines? (PDF)

Matt Vickers: “After University? What you said; What can you do about it" (PDF)

4D - Rebekah Tauritz et al.

Preparing students for dealing with wicked problems (PDF)

4E/5E - Sarah Cunningham-Burley et al

How can we make research-led learning and teaching visible and how can we measure and evaluate it?

4F/5F - Claudia Rosenhan et al.

Enhancing Assessment Literacy amongst PGT students and staff

4G/5G - Maggie Carson

Enhanced student engagement with digital education through the creation of an online community

4H/5H - Gill Aitken et al.

Engaging PGT students with feedback, the use of audio feedback