Exploring and engaging with student perceptions of digital citizenship

Exploring and engaging with student perceptions of digital citizenship

School/Equivalent:  Information Services Group 

Team Members:  Victoria (Vicki) Madden, Louise Connelly, Melissa Highton


This study aims to engage students at the University on their perceptions of digital citizenship in order to bring a depth of understanding to this emerging topic and to explore how universities can better support students in becoming responsible digital citizens – even more significant now, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a move to hybrid teaching. Using a qualitative approach of semi-structured interviews and focus groups, the researchers will seek to understand how students define digital citizenship and gauge their awareness of digital safety while exploring themes such as online etiquette, communication, social responsibility, rights and freedom. A diverse cohort of students and student support services will be consulted, including the Students’ Association and the Advice Place.

The project will contribute to recent research on digital citizenship by producing several outputs, including support resources, podcasts/videos (created by students), presentations and publications. Findings will be disseminated widely, including to senior leaders in Information Services, in order to influence University policy and practice relating to digital engagement. In exploring how higher education institutions can be used as conduits for promoting digital citizenship and fostering safer, more inclusive and socially conscious online communities, our project reflects the themes of People and Social and Civic Responsibility in the University Strategy 2030. Ultimately, the study aims to raise awareness about digital citizenship across the University of Edinburgh with a view to paving the way for influencing other UK HE institutions to embed digital citizenship within university curricula and culture.

Final Project Report

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