Alumni mentoring scheme

Physics AiMS: an alumni mentoring scheme for Physics and Astronomy students.

Principal applicant: Dr Judy Hardy

Team members:

  • Dr Will Hossack
  • Dr Richard Blythe


In recent years the employment landscape for new graduates has changed significantly. The overall increase in UK HE numbers, an increasingly competitive graduate employment market and the present economic climate all mean that a degree is no longer sufficient. Coupled with this is the fact that graduating students go on to employment in a wide range of sectors; a recent study by the Institute of Physics showed that scientific and technical industries are only ranked third in the employment destinations of UK physics graduates. It is therefore increasingly important that students develop their employability. Mentoring relationships, for example with alumni or business contacts, offer a valuable route for this.

This aim of this project is to develop, implement and evaluate an alumni mentoring scheme. The scheme, “Physics AiMS”, will be offered to students in the School of Physics and Astronomy, however both the implementation details and lessons learned will be directly relevant to other Schools wishing to introduce such a scheme.

Physics AiMS will help students develop and enhance their employability and communication skills; build a professional network; obtain advice on career planning and options; and explore possible areas of interest. Benefits to alumni include opportunities to develop their mentoring skills; (re)build links with the University and with current students; and expand their professional network. Additionally, it will help the School maintain links with alumni and develop a network of businesses and potential employers.

Final Project Report

Final Project Report may be downloaded from here.