Study Hub

Study Hub Learning resources and companion blog: online advice and downloadable learning resources, to help you develop more effective working and learning strategies.

What is Study Hub?

Study Hub Learning resources aims to help you get the most out of your university studies as a taught student, from undergraduate through to taught postgraduate studies. It contains advice on specific study skills topics, plus downloadable resources with useful study strategies.

Study Hub covers a wide range of general academic topics such as:

  • effective studying
  • critical thinking
  • time management
  • reading at university
  • academic writing
  • dissertation and research projects
  • exams and revision

It includes downloadable resources, advice and strategies, and tools you can use for planning. It covers both the basics of a particular topic, and provides additional materials for students wishing to go further and explore the topic more in-depth.

The Study Hub Blog was launched in August 2019 and offers more in-depth articles on study skills, insights from staff and students, and signposts upcoming events across the University.  

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