About the Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme

The Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme (PTAS) provides funding to support learning and teaching enhancement.

PTAS aims to encourage and support activities that will make a significant contribution to the enhancement of learning and teaching at the University of Edinburgh, at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.

All staff with learning, teaching or student support roles are welcome to apply. You don't need any special expertise in educational projects and the IAD can provide advice and support on your bid. We particularly value bids that involve collaboration with undergraduate and postgraduate students.


We gratefully acknowledge that all of the funding for the Principal's Teaching Award Scheme is provided by the University of Edinburgh Development Trust. Without this ongoing support we would not be able to fund these projects which do so much for the quality of the student learning experience at the University of Edinburgh. We would like to thank all of the donors who support the Development Trust.

Find out more about the University of Edinburgh's Development Trust Edinburgh Fund.


The PTAS has been running since 2007, with annual funding of between £110,000 and £160,000. It offers staff at Edinburgh the opportunity to apply for grants for pedagogical or development projects aimed at enhancing teaching, learning or assessment practices.

The PTAS encourages better understanding of student learning through pedagogical innovation and research. It is not intended to reward past excellence in teaching or existing research projects that are already underway.


The scheme aims to:

  • encourage new learning and teaching (L&T) practices, innovations, and inquiry
  • share good L&T practices across the disciplines and service areas
  • promote and recognise L&T excellence
  • raise the status of university L&T
  • enhance the quality of student learning
  • enhance L&T scholarship capabilities across the university

Further information and how to apply