Assessment & feedback

Links to Principal's Teaching Award Scheme project abstracts and reports on the theme of assessment and feedback.


Critical skills in politics and international relations

Introducing psychology via public engagement

Developing satisfying and effective feedback for medical students

PeerWisdom: Evaluating and boosting biology student benefits from the PeerWise online learning tool

Lecturer in your lounge: providing digital feedback to distance education students using screencasting

Extending an audio-feedback tool into new contexts: student and staff experiences

Discovering development: Psychology research with children and young people

A comparative study of home and international students' expectations and achievements in sciences, maths and engineering disciplines

Development and evaluation of Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) in the veterinary curriculum: platform for a new undergraduate Certificate in Veterinary Medical Education

Guiding, monitoring and enhancing autonomous postgraduate learning abroad with virtual learning environments

Delivering innovative personalised feedback for large multi-station practical assessments

Evaluating the long-lasting benefits of integrated assessment and feedback practices on academic skills and performance of undergraduate SBMS students

Improving tutor feedback on online academic writing courses for postgraduates

How do students and staff view assessment: 'Of', 'In' or 'As' learning?

Every student a researcher: supporting the use of blogging as a form of student assessment

Enhancing assessment literacy amongst PGT students and scorer reliability amongst PGT staff

Formative assessment: how useful is it, who does it help the most, and how can we improve it further?

How is good feedback expressed? A corpus analysis of feedback provided by Edinburgh University Students' Association Teaching Awards (Best Feedback) Nominees

Promoting a learning community through peer feedback - navigating the perspectives of staff and students

Improving the mathematics diagnostic test

Climbing an ALP (Assessment Literacy Pyramid): A Programme Level Approach to Developing Assessment Literacy

Exploring divergence and congruence between learning and assessment practices in University and professional workplaces

Assessing the effectiveness of e-portfolios in developing awareness of graduate attributes

Enhancing student learning, overall experience, and the societal impact of student community projects by refining engagement and feedback tools for students

Predicting academic attainment in case-based discussion board assessments

Assessment Literacy for Graduate Attribute Enhancement (ALGAE) in Biomedical Sciences

Supporting criteria-based marking

Aligning skills, assessments and feedback: a programme-level scheme

Student-led portfolio assessment in a large pre-honours cross-university elective

Assessing medical students’ preparedness to engage in clinical research practice.

Set Them Free! Open Publishing of INF1B Course Materials

Marking matters: An enhancement-oriented investigation of marking trends and practices in the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh