Providing lecture outlines before class

3. Lecture outlines or PowerPoint presentation slides for lectures and seminars to be made available at least 24 hours in advance of the class.

I don’t normally use PowerPoint, am I expected to create one specifically for this?

No, if you do not currently use PowerPoint you are not expected to start using it. Instead, you should simply produce an outline of the class. This could be a bullet-pointed list of key themes and content: detailed notes are not required.

What if my lecture slides contain confidential or ‘spoiler’ information?

Judgement will need to be exercised where confidential or ‘spoiler’ information (that which might spoil a student’s learning experience by revealing information too early) is contained within lecture materials so as not to compromise confidentiality or impinge upon the pedagogical experience. In such cases students should be informed that they may be given partial content. In the case of ‘spoiler information’ students may be provided with partial content in advance of the class; the full materials to be made available following the class. Confidential information need not be included.

Where should they be made available?

In the first instance on the course’s VLE, however if this is not possible the class should be informed of where they can find the information.

How will this benefit students?

This will help students familiarise themselves with the lecture material ahead of the class, provide an opportunity for preparatory background reading and prepare any questions that they may have. It also facilitates note-taking during the lectures by removing the need for students to copy down content from slides.

How will this benefit staff?

It will help students to engage in deeper note-taking in class, beyond the lecture slides. It should free students from copying down slide content, enabling them to be more engaged in the class discussion. Students may come to class better prepared and with questions about the material.