Exploring engagement with lecture recording

QualRec: Qualitative exploration of staff and student engagement, experience and behaviour with Lecture Recording

Team Members:  Jill MacKay, Jessie Paterson, Brian Mather, Eoghan Clarkson, Kirsty Hughes, Susan Rhind, Sarah Chinnery

School:  Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies


Lecture Recording is the practice of digitally capturing multiple aspects of a lecture such as the auditory, visual and discursive content. Lecture recording has been used inconsistently at the R(D)SVS in recent years; the new project to roll the technology out more completely provides a unique opportunity to plan an in depth mixed –methods research study to inform the wider community and contribute to the relatively sparse (especially with a more qualitative lens) literature on the subject. Crucially, both the lecturers’ attitudes to the technology, the students’ uptake of the available resources and, of course, the technological aspects of lecture recording need to be considered.

The majority of the studies examining these challenges are A) retrospective, exploring attitudes and feelings regarding the technology after a short, sometimes solitary, period of Lecture Recording, and B) focussed on metadata, such as the number of times a given lecture was viewed, etc. In this study we aim to address some of the gaps in our understanding of how lecture recording affects both  learning and teaching by taking a mixed methods approach. We will engage a cohort of students and lecturers to describe their usage and feelings regarding lecture capture over a period of several months, enabling us to examine trends longitudinally. We will also explore a number of ethogram-like tools currently used in studies of academic listening to address both lecture content but also participant behaviour over the same period.

We aim to understand how Lecture Recording is taken up by staff and students alike over a longer period of time to inform ongoing educational debate, staff development and ultimately promote best practice as the technology becomes embedded across the institution.

Final Project Report

Download the final project report (PDF)

Other Project Outcomes

  • MacKay, J. R. D. (2018) Did I Miss That? Student Experiences with Recorded Lectures. QAA Scotland 15th Enhancement Theme Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow.
  • Chinnery, S., Hughes, K., & MacKay, J. R. D. (2018) The Active Lecture? Exploring engagement in the veterinary lecture through the PORTAAL tool. Vet Ed, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  • Chinnery, S., Hughes, K., & MacKay, J. R. D. (2018) What’d I Miss? A qualitative exploration of student experience, behaviour and engagement with recorded lectures. Vet Ed, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  • Chinnery, S  (October 2018)  Lecture recording as an important ‘stress-busting’ tool for students Teaching Matters