Booking and cancelling

Booking instructions, and course cancellation protocol, for the majority of our courses.

How to book onto a course

Before making a booking, please ensure that:

  • you are looking at the courses on offer for your specific College or School.
  • the course content and level is what you want.
  • you can commit to the course in full. Other course dates will be announced throughout the year

We reserve the right to cancel or re-arrange courses if there are insufficient bookings or subject to changes in the availability of tutors or venues.

Booking availability: many courses generally open for booking one month in advance of the shown date. If you do not see a live booking link please check back nearer the course date.

Booking via our website: to book, click the 'Book a place on this course' booking link for the course you are interested in. You will be directed to the University's Event Booking system, where you can complete your booking. You will be asked to enter your EASE log-in.

Booking via MyEd portal: in MyEd (, you must have the Events Booking channel added to one of your tabs. In the channel, you can then click on the event title to read more about the event, then click the 'Book Now' button.

Cancelling your place on a course

Cancelling: If you need to cancel your booking, please do so at your earliest opportunity and at least 3 days before the event. Someone else may be able to take your place, but we need time to contact them. Also, although you are not charged for an event, there are costs we incur (e.g. photocopying) which relate directly to places reserved.

How to cancel: you can cancel your booking via the MyEd Event Booking Channel. Go to MyEd and then the Event Booking Channel. Click on “My Bookings” - here you will have the option to cancel your place.

We maintain attendance registers; unexpected absences will be noted. If you consistently fail to attend, or repeatedly cancel with very short notice, you may be prevented from booking future IAD events.

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Sharing course participation data

Sharing course participation dataIAD policy and practice is to be transparent and to share participation data with University schools and departments. The full policy document is available below:

IAD policy on reporting attendance on IAD events and courses (PDF)