After the observation

Guidance and a form (PDF and MS Word versions) on reflecting on your teaching after an observation.

I find it immensely valuable to be able to watch and observe how other people go about their teaching. It’s a privilege to be invited

Post-observation meeting

The final stage is to meet to discuss what you have learnt from the process – this could take place immediately after the observation. During this time you should use the observation form to offer feedback on how teaching went. It’s important to keep this discussion positive and constructive and to think about what you have learnt from the process, whether as an observer or through the process of being observed.

Reflecting on developing your teaching: post-observation form

Peer observation of teaching is a developmental activity. The final form to fill in will help you to reflect on how you might develop your teaching. This should be filled in by the person who was doing the teaching.

Post-observation form (PDF)

Post-observation form (MS Word)