Developing as a new teacher

Courses, resources and networks for those new to various teaching roles.

New teaching experiences can be exciting but daunting! Whether you’re approaching your first tutorial, lecturing for the first time or taking on your first course organisation or a Cohort Lead role we’re here to help.

New to tutoring & demonstrating

If you’re about to start tutoring or lab demonstrating then have a look at our workshops and resources for tutors and demonstrators. Some of these are intended as an introduction for those new to these roles.

Workshops and resources for tutors and demonstrators

New to lecturing

If you’re new to lecturing then you might also like to attend some of our workshops for tutors and demonstrators as these cover topics like lecturing. You could also come along to some of our short leanrning and teaching-themed workshops, which are short practical introductions to teaching topics.

Workshops for tutors and demonstrators

‘Practical Strategies' learning and teaching workshops

You may want to begin an accredited programme or award focused on teaching in higher education. This is likely to be useful for your future career. To begin this process, new members of academic staff are expected and encouraged to engage with professional development for learning and teaching and to consider working towards fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Accredited provision - find out more

New to course organising

if you work at taught postgraduate level, then we have our IAD Masters Networks which provides excellent learning opportunities.

IAD Masters Network

New to being a Cohort Lead

We have some information and ideas you may find useful:

Cohort Leads

Other sources of ideas and advice

There is a regularly updated blog about learning and teaching which is a great source of ideas:

Teaching Matters blog

Do remember to ask around in your subject area for advice as well. You should get help locally with how your teaching fits into particular courses and programmes and how teaching is administered. Local colleagues are also often the best people to advise on common teaching challenges and solutions in your specific subject area.