Gavin Woolman

Gavin was the People's Choice winner of the 2018 competition

Do you have any top tips for preparing for the competition?

Practice in front of people who have no idea what you do. It's really hard to take complex science (or any subject, for that matter), and make it understandable in a short amount of time. Really the only good test, is to test it.


How has 3 Minute Thesis benefited you?

I am a much more confident public speaker than I was before. I also learned a lot about crafting high-quality talks from the training we did.


What was the most challenging thing about 3MT?  

Speaking in front of people is scary!


How have you used the skills gained in the competition?  

In 3MT I had to summarise succinctly several years of science. Now, that experience helps me sum up my current projects: be it for students, job interviews, or talking to people at the pub.


Why would you recommend 3MT to other doctoral students?  

It's a great opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and test how good you are at communicating.