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Facilitator Anna Pilz

Anna Pilz joined the Researcher Development Team in 2022. With a background in SHAPE research and an international postdoctoral research career, Anna brings an in-depth understanding of the European and UK research environment to her role. At the IAD, she develops, designs, and delivers cross-University personal and professional development for both PGRs and research staff. Anna convenes the asynchronous programme on “Getting Started with Postgraduate Research” and supports PGRs through focused workshops on project and time management, networking, academic writing, publishing, developing funding applications and personal research strategies. Throughout the academic year, she runs in-person writing retreats and enjoys facilitating conversations about the writing process. She is passionate about best-practice sharing and with an emphasis on researchers’ daily realities, she’s keen to lead initiatives that enhance community building.

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Workshops Provided

Applying for Funding 101

Developing a Funding Profile

Developing as a Mentor

Edit Your Work Workshop

From Thesis to Publication

How to Build your Research Profile – 1:1s Consultations

How to Collaborate Effectively

How to Connect

How to Cope with Imposter Syndrome

How to Develop a Research Strategy

How to Develop an Argument and Structure

How to Develop your Research Leadership

How to Edit Your Work

How to Find Funding

How to Get Published

How to Get the Most out of Your First Conference

How to Get the Most out of Your Postdoc

How to Get your First Book Contract

How to Grow your Research Network

How to Manage your Time

How to Organise your Stuff

How to Plan your PhD Backwards

How to Read with Purpose

How to work with your supervisors effectively

How to Write an Abstract

How to Write your Fellowship Application

Thesis submitted - What now?

Writing Clinic Day

Anna Pilz