Research Leader - New and Aspiring PI's

Research Leader Programme for new and aspiring Principal Investigators (PIs).

Programme content

The Programme focuses on the challenges faced by research leaders as they establish themselves as PIs and group leaders.

Topics include understanding your approach to leadership, developing and supporting a research group, and understanding the internal and external research and higher education environment.

Drawing upon the experience of senior colleagues and a range of internal and external contributors the programme will consider issues around leadership: how to recruit, manage and motivate a research team; decision making: how to balance competing demands, deal with difficult situations and identify the best options available; and personal advancement: publication profile, funding opportunities and career development.

It is a 3 or 4-day programme which generally runs in semester 2. 

In 2023 we will be running 3 standalone workshops, as part of a short series, focusing on development needs for recently appointed PIs or those likely to be leading research teams in the near future.

Full information is available on the research leader programme's main webpage:

Full information on the Research Leader Programme