Statistical and numerical data

A range of self-study resources to help you with maths topics or statistical techniques.

There are some maths topics or statistical techniques you may not have used before or need to improve.  Some of these may now be important now because they underpin things that are core to your course.  You may want to read and understand techniques used in research papers, or to critically reflect on articles in the press or media that use numerical data.

Members of staff who teach you may be able to offer some advice or ideas about resources which would be particularly relevant for your courses.

The resources on this page are self-study and can help you to improve existing skills or gain new ones

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online skills development service offering a large library of video tutorials including digital, business and statistical skills. The University has a subscription giving students free access. You can access it via MyEd.

LinkedIn Learning online skills development

Statistics foundations on LinkedIn Learning

Statistics foundations is a three-part video-based course covering the basics accessed via LinkedIn Learning. You can work through it at your own pace and focus on specific chapters to plug gaps in your own knowledge. Transcripts are provided. 

You will be able to search for Statistics Foundations in the browser bar once you have accessed LinkedIn Learning.

Statistics Foundations 1 covers fundamental concepts such as evaluating data sets, calculating averages (means, medians and modes), calculating standard deviations, distributions and probability. For each chapter in foundations part 1 there are helpful exercises on Excel spreadsheets you can download and try for yourself.

Statistics Foundations 2 (intermediate) starts with data and distributions and includes sampling, confidence intervals (including explaining unexpected outcomes) and hypothesis testing.

Statistics Foundations 3 (advanced) takes you further and includes small sample sizes, t-distribution, degrees of freedom, chi-square testing, calculating confidence intervals, comparing populations, analysis of variance and regression testing.

Maths and statistics resources

Mathcentre and Statstutor both offer a series of self-study resources, including video tutorials and quick reference leaflets.  You can find what you need by course subject or topic.  (Mathcentre and Statstutor are externally hosted and have been created by groups of higher education teachers of mathematics and statistics.)



Mathematics support materials

Mathaid mathematics support materials is a library of portable, interactive, web-based packages to help students learn mathematical ideas and techniques.  The materials can be downloaded from the site in pdf format. (Mathaid was created as a Higher Education Academy project and is hosted by the University of Plymouth.)


Maths screencasts

A site offering simple short videos (screencasts) explaining different mathematical topics.  These are listed both by topic and by keyword.  Notes for each screencast can be downloaded.  (Maths screencasts is hosted by the OU and was funded by the Higher Education Academy.)

Maths Screencasts